Simple URL Shortener Tool

Simple URL Shorten Tool

What Is Simple URL Shortener Tool?

Onthis Simple URL Shortener tool is very simple and awesome. Some people need short urls. They will use different sites by shorting urls. But they face some problem like sign up etc. So here I introduce the simplest tool to shorten urls in no time. It is very simple and extra fast.

How It Works:

Simple add your site or page url and press enter. Your shorten url appears simple copy it and paste where you want.

Some More About Shorteners Urls:

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using URL Shorteners

1)            A URL shortener, for obvious reasons, shortens your URL so that it will fit into your advertising mediums.

We’ve all seen hugely long URLs in e-mails, on blog posts, and in advertising.

Often times when a link like that is copied, it breaks apart, a space mistakenly gets inserted and the link won’t work. Shortening a URL will avoid this problem, make it easier for your customers to copy & paste the link, and get to your site or offer much faster and more reliably.

It also has the ability to look just a bit better if you’ve got an advertisement going out, and your link is short and to the point. Long URL links are off-putting to many people and generally very obvious it’s an affiliate site. And yes, Amazon is an affiliate site.

2)            URL shortener sites often offer tracking abilities, which can mean a lot of information about how well your link is doing.

Unless you are well-versed in how to track your links, track your traffic, know how to read and understand Google Analytics; if you’re new, choosing a link shortener will give you a lot of information about where your traffic is coming from, how many clicks your link has received, and what people are doing on your site. Check out some of the links above to see which sites offer tracking services as part of their main service. There are a fair number that are totally free.

Simple URL Shortener

3)            If you’re in affiliate marketing, using a URL shortener can give you a bit of an edge to advertise your opportunity.

There are several benefits here for using a link shortener. First, many affiliate marketers who are just getting started are trying to use their affiliate links for their program. These links, again, can be quite long and arduous to keep intact.

Second, in advertising, it’s important to not be a sheep. If you are promoting an affiliate product or program, and a couple thousand other people are also promoting it using the company’s affiliate links… well, you’re not going to get a whole lot of interest because the general public has been over exposed to the marketing. They may even have been turned off by someone else’s marketing methods… so when they see Company XYZ in an affiliate link, it’s an immediate click away or delete.

Advertising is just that — A-D-V-E-R-T-I-S-I-N-G. You have to stand out. You have to grab attention. And you only have a few seconds to do that. You can have the greatest ad copy in the world, but if your link shows an affiliate id, your click through are going to be non-existent.

4)            A URL shortener can make your not-so-fantastic domain name a non-issue.

From past experience, I know that sometimes we end up buying a domain name that ends up not being in the niche we want, or which just doesn’t make sense to the general public.

But you have a domain name and you’ve decided to repurpose that site for some of your offers or products. Use a URL shortener to help avoid turning people off just due to the domain name. This can help you keep moving forward until you are ready or able to buy another domain name that suits your marketing efforts better.

5)            If you’re using Twitter or other social media methods, a shortened URL will greatly increase your allowed character count.

Primarily, I’m talking about Twitter here which only allows you 140 characters in a tweet. If you’ve got a long, long URL… how are you going to say anything about it to get people to click and look? Just sending the link is NOT going to get you views.

Twitter is all about how you can say something important, URGENT, and a call to action in 140 characters or less. Every single letter and symbol in your URL counts toward your character count. So get rid of that long URL.

Twitter is not the only place that a short URL is useful. Brevity is really useful in most all of your marketing efforts. Whether you’re using Twitter, Goggle+, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, or whatever, save your readers’ eyes, shorten your URLs and expect to see a better click-through on your posts.

Understanding the need and value in using URL shorteners is extremely important in your marketing efforts regardless if you’re promoting your own products and services, or an affiliate marketer looking to gather leads into your flock.

On the principal point, it is basic for you to screen where your site activity is originating from and in addition, in the event that it is originating from web indexes, you ought to screen what catchphrases individuals are hunting down with a specific end goal to find your webpage. This can give you some awesome watchword thoughts. For instance, a week ago I saw that a few people had discovered my site in light of a catchphrase that was showing up at number 14 on SERPs. It was not a catchphrase I was focusing on and in truth, I was positioned by possibility. Simple URL Shortener

Upon further examination I found this was very a famous inquiry term. Notwithstanding, if individuals went to the flow page on my site that was associated with that inquiry term, they would have been disillusioned in light of the fact that it was not a decent match for what they were looking for. The characteristic arrangement was to make a page centered on that inquiry term so it was a decent match and obviously, I labeled it with that same pursuit term before getting it filed by the web search tools.

Inside only a couple days this new page was positioned at number 4 on the list items for that watchword seek term. Since the page was truly applicable, individuals going to my site for that pursuit term were staying around. What’s more, there were a lot of guests come my direction. Simple URL Shortener

This conveys me to my second presumption that I made toward begin of this article; the significance of making substance around focused watchwords. The page that I made around the inquiry term had zero backlinks indicating it and inside only a couple days of it being recorded by the web crawlers it was conspicuous on the principal page of the list items. Simple URL Shortener

Progressively, web crawlers are positioning site pages on substance importance and quality. That is, if your substance is really worked around focused catchphrases and it is of adequate quality that individuals touching base at your webpage from that quest term wind up staying for some time, your site will be viewed as a decent match for those watchwords. This lets me know that backlinks are turning out to be less imperative though great catchphrase inquire about and focused on substance creation are turning out to be more essential from a SEO point of view. Simple URL Shortener

Ideally, in this article I have shown how checking your activity measurements is one technique that you can use to help you adjust your catchphrase research. There are different strategies for course which I will cover in future articles. Simple URL Shortener

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