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market in central Tokyo Tokyo Japan Chat Rooms (Tsukiji Tsukiji market Sidё) fish, fruit and vegetables is the largest wholesale market. He, fish and meat, is responsible for the production and distribution of more than 10 colors Tokyo wholesale market is the most famous. One of the world’s biggest fish market, known as the Tsukiji market every day, with more than 2,000 tons of marine products have been dealing. This Toyosu in November 2016 to move to a new location is expected

Many people in the fresh fish and other seafood and bicycle, golf, buys and noise environment type Tsukiji market one of the main attractions is taken to the sale. Process, has become a problem because the infrastructure is not included in the market because the old-fashioned tourist area, a large number of visitors, we have grown in recent years.


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Only Tsukiji market Tsukiji Tokyo Japan Chat Rooms Station on the Oedo subway line is at the top Sidё. Moreover, Tsukiji subway Hibiya line within a 5-minute walk can be reached. JR Shinbashi closest to you away, 15 minutes walk to the market.



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NewsCorp Ltd., (the third) to Tokyo Japan Chat Rooms Ginza line, and Tsukiji Station (3 minutes) to go to the Hibiya subway line passes it on. The price is 170 yen.

Shinjuku Station

On the Oedo subway station Shinjuku Tsukiji Shijo. 270 ¥ one-way trip will take 20 minutes.


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When visiting the local market Tokyo Japan Chat Rooms, instead of the internal market beyond the tourist to visit the Tsukiji market were invited. External market is tight, the small shops and restaurants a few blocks around the crowded city. Here, all the necessary utensils for the food produced and sold small print when they found fresh seafood products (commercial) can be Tokyo Japan Chat Rooms.

Fresh sushi at a local restaurant with breakfast and lunch Tsukiji market is to combine a visit. 00-12: 00 or 5:00, mainly for domestic and foreign markets open a restaurant.
He said, very little stands Tokyo Japan Chat Rooms the whole room of people buying and selling cars and trucks with hundreds of them rush through the narrow streets, it. This, not only fish and tourists, tourists can interfere with professional activities related to the character of the area is an interesting area.


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To prevent an accident or Tokyo Japan Chat Rooms breakdown, occurs by the volume of business, that is, even if they visit, around the block always being aware of what is happening, wider 9. 9 tourist visitors to eliminate the need for movement, was in charge is not allowed.
Tuna auction consumer Tokyo Japan Chat Rooms  market as a structure that can accommodate a maximum of 120 per day is limited. Before the arrival (or busy day ago) 5:00, Kachidoki Gate Osakana Fukyu Center (UNIC fish) served as the first principle should contact the tourists who want to see the auction. 25-5: 60 visitors and fifty of 06:15, 50 while allowing the second group of 60 visitors recommend 5 will be the first group Tokyo Japan Chat Rooms.


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Many visitors, it proposed that Tokyo Japan Chat Rooms the arrival of the guest in this case, the line for the 17:00 start, the maximum number will be exceeded, perhaps later. Successful candidates, so you can see guests in the proposal. This, or elsewhere, you can see the auction to prevent any progress, you can use Tokyo Japan Chat Rooms the flash.
Suggest, tuna, which is known for its shops and restaurants in Tsukiji market for the domestic market, mainly retail public offers have been on an open market. Many of these restaurants are located in the internal market that could be possible. To avoid interrupting business, a market segment you have to follow different rules when visiting Tokyo Japan Chat Rooms.


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