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more than 16,000 words a day, every hour exchanges and brands are talking about 100 million. And the good news stories of the people around Free Online Chat Room Without Registration Mix Chat us with love to share with you. But we do not talk about certain things, but you must share with others?

Word of mouth

Advertising companies are trying to attract customers have spent millions. Sometimes they (only 10% trusted consumer brands) do not learn. On the contrary, they are still marketing companies out there do not spend a penny, win loyal customers for marketing. I tell stories about a client and would recommend this product.

Word of mouth from person Free Online Chat Room Without Registration Mix Chat to person, we will be the most powerful way to influence the outcome says. According to Nielsen, 92% of users of other types of backup confident with your friends and family.

Marketing and word of mouth, over other forms of audience interest in the natural word of mouth and advantages. We know that people like to share information with. To buy 50% to 20% as a result of word of mouth recommendations: customer called their friends to spend more.

WOM, power. Construction and talking to people and understanding the key drivers to share.

Six principles for people to communicate and drive to share Free Online Chat Room Without Registration Mix Chat.

“Virality no luck. It’s not magic. And it is not accidental. People talk as well, and shares. A Formula Guide is a science behind why.”
The above quote comes from the book of Jonah Berger: “Why do some things that are contagious,” Younis every six principles generated content is only shared disks. They get called. Your product, service or trademark, and for infectious material to make people talk about you can use it.

1. Social Currency Free Online Chat Room Without Registration Mix Chat

We are perceived by others care about. This is a good look at things we shared. Intelligent and interesting things to tell us … is smart and entertaining. We have a store or a great opportunity for us to take the time to talk about on a plane is to upgrade to first class. Often we buy something worth twice so we moved.

In order to make use of the social currency of family, friends and colleagues to achieve positive results. ”
One way to get people talking about your product and you feel like you have to let them or smart or interesting to share something amazing to see.

It is a mixture?

No, I heard of this series will be a mix? This guy is one of those things and put them in a crushing mill. Recently Apple IPHONE, Justin Bieber has been a mix CD. It’s interesting is not it?

Video Blendtec founder Tom is one of the best professional and home mixer sells. Tom Daily, Director of Marketing in a YouTube video, inspired by the mill things, Mix had tried to break in.

It works immediately. Tom, marbles and golf balls to hang people like video. Some of them can not believe. I wonder what else the blender can be mixed.

Video virus. 6 million people watch them for the first week. And at least a few dollars for a piece that was there. Retail sales in the last two years went up by 700% mill. Products for the face, a word seemingly nothing in general, is bad for boring mill.

Blendtec’s marketing expertise in the mouth before the longest.
2. Trigger

People on social issues, they are motivated to make, that is. If the person specified in the list, they often talk about it. That trigger an alarm immediately to think about things. Blendtec best the word “dog”, “cat”, created as a home can remember. Designed generic products, proposals and ideas for new products and to link with the environment can create the open environment.
Disney World or Cheerios?

Word of mouth is – Cheerios or Disney World? Disney World to talk about the adventure will be very interesting and fun. But people do not think about very often. They have children and can be once a year, went to Disney World. Over the years, the experience I have only mentioned a few reasons.

Every day, tons of people eat Cheerios for breakfast. They also often buy them and look them in the shopping cart. People will talk about his chances. Disney Cheerios on Twitter to get the word of mouth more often than they mentioned.

“Cheerios first mention of him every day, 7 :. 30-8: Breakfast with traditional high opening time about 00 around 11:00 and 5:00 pm,” a few models for developing and growing After breakfast food. Reduction on the weekend football. Intentions to drive. ”

In many cases, people listen and then do shopping day. You dynamic product to store and they do not think about will not miss.

3. Emotions

When we share the attention. They shared an emotional connection when customers feel some loyalty to the company people. But more important than feelings. They feel such anger, excitement, and entertainment, as our high-born, and more likely to share. Allowing the fire exit, emotions, and actions burning. On the other hand, we have very little content or do not worry about the things we talked to, is to lower them.

Google search: France

Searching online, but nothing seems to work. We are starting to care about the life and feelings of the people and the people are the masters. Google India: Mumbai Ogilvy “Google search team” was replaced.

6 years of separation from his grandfather to submit a short film, with a little help, Google, the grandson of India decided to surprise him with a childhood friend. The magic of this place, and the fact that Google search can feel. Nearly 13 million views on YouTube and has gone viral see a video.

Google’s audience is already familiar with enthusiasm mouth feel.
4. State

People tend to copy others. Relax, and you are doing, it is easy to duplicate. Observability products and ideas on this issue is a big role. We believe in the rights of others, or they know something we do not do that, and we follow their movements. We are influenced by others. It is a social reality. You can see a shirt you can wear it, you can buy one.

“We are Hotmail and Apple is to advertise your products. We personally to people. I must have made, it is necessary to increase.”
Sent from my iPhone

He captures their products manufacturer Free Online Chat Room Without Registration Mix Chat Mix noted Hotmail. “ Hotmail is free.” They add that at the bottom of each e-mail in a message said

Hotmail users a little public evidence of a potential customer, he was sent at a time. Hotmail, for more than a year, slightly more than 85 million users signed up for. I usually private.

After Apple and Blackberry. “” Using your BlackBerry, your email signature at the bottom of the phone sent me “or simply with a message can be Free Online Chat Room Without Registration Mix Chat Mix changed, but they are often in the form of social exchange with nothing coming .. are or may be left: he said. Just lazy but their brand awareness and influence others, as often, to try.

5. Exercise price

People want to help others. We often have useful ideas and that is part of the solution. I think they could benefit that we share with the people seem to think. We save a few bucks at the store to help plan our budget or application capabilities.

It is important to remember that the Free Online Chat Room Without Registration Mix Chat Mix value of your product and how. Time to communicate with customers, or to save money is to change the world? And people can use to improve.

The Shopify

Can sell them without any fuss platform Shopify online retailer. You can find the interviews and case studies were successful in their blog. But in addition, they also provide guidelines for improving the people there are shopping. Some of these applications include: Free Online Chat Room Without Registration Mix Chat Mix The Ultimate Guide, a pop-up stores 50 ways to do business.

They do not just sell products. They are to help customers better. They also offer online help for scientific and practical value of the goods is a great product to sell. And this is all in one place.

6. News

They tell stories of people. Each story, at least a good, moral or lesson. And it comes with. Material should be associated with the product. Yunus said:

“We want to tell stories, the people Free Online Chat Room Without Registration Mix Chat Mix buried in the manufacture of products Free Online Chat Room Without Registration Mix Chat Mix and ideas for their Trojan horses. But we need more than just a great story. We have. We have to tell our story to be integrated no, you can not tell people virality precious needs. ”
The brand should be an important part of the story. Without talking about the phone is not a story about tearing mill grinder. And a blender, because that comes to mind is so strong that almost anything can be mixed. Blendtec conversation you want and it really is. Clever, is not it?

Right word

In the mouth, of course, the first page of Google for SEO ranking or spend money on advertising, you do not need to pay large sums body. The end user of the product or service is free to share his story. The owner, not a good feeling for the company interesting to hear stories about people? Good figures are better than a few bets. Follow the rules and you can feel it Free Online Chat Room Without Registration Mix Chat.


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