Chat Rooms Blocks and Kick

Prevent users with usernames

When you receive a message, the text Chat Rooms | Free Chat room | Chatango Free Chat Rooms entry box by clicking the link above can block the sender:

Note: Lock button appears only when the user session recording. You do not see Chat Rooms the link, did not show a link to the user groups that are not on the list to make sure.

Your username will block your IP Chatango with pumpkin, so it will be a private message to the user. You, the Messenger window by clicking on Account in the upper right corner to open the list later date, and you can choose the search list.
anons block
(No registration and Chatango Chatango sex with a letter from the square). “” There are two ways to avoid night:
Delete button when pressing a Chat Rooms name and non blocks.


Chat Rooms

All at once: Account> Settings> Anons cancellation.

So all Anons, the message may be that they will need before signing.
Report Family
You can also report spam or Chatango. I click on the link.

If the user clicks the button, a lot of people going in person, and by other things Chat Rooms. Chatango to stop it in case of need will provide skills Send your stories. In order to get a map of the most.

Stay online when the browser is closed
Catcher currently only Windows (Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME / 98/95), only KB 165. download some form of spyware, which, you can download it here.
Anyway, we will do as well as the Mac version.

To change online or offline, with information on the catch and the list online or go offline.
Support overseas calls

> You do not know Chatango and Chat Rooms click on the account to limit yourself.
I meet a profile – this option is the relationship between your tab controls whether performed.

If not specified, the profile is not research the link below.

This option is not available to users only Chat Rooms when Chatango.

Report Features

In the debate) (your money back based on information sharing and science meet pressing the special people
The management of its history

Chat history area to send and receive messages stored on your device.
Now, history and discusses Chatango server.

> Click on the chat history, to organize your account:

Your local money, and this Chat Rooms interaction may end. Save someone’s testimony.

Now you can click to delete the conversation history can be.
Click on your account ‘call by can see a list of recent discussions

Communication problems

Chatango private meeting you have problems connecting, you can download it from here is the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, please make sure.
It is connected to the Internet through a proxy, you can not hold private meetings Chatango.
See more problems to solve.


Change your account settings to poke a personal message can be personalized.

Create their own sound, click on the gray dots.
The volume control is on the top left:
Lip Color

Background color and all text messages you can run.
Posts Icon Bar Black) (Click on the white strip:
Your list of the members selected from the dropdown menu at the top of your friends list, delete the text and background color Chat Rooms.

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