Pic Stitch for Windows with Fotor


Nicely, you could have visible a variety of software program for photo enhancing motive. Most photograph editing apps have functions like applying computer graphics, making image collage, managing picture colours and lots more. Now right here we also want to sew our snap shots and make an splendid series of your stitched pix. But, every software cannot offer this selection additionally if a person is using a pc so it’s far difficult to locate awesome software program that does image stitching. Percent stitch for pc isn’t software in any respect. In this text, you will recognize a lot more about % stitch for computer.

What you will learn in this Article:

  1. How to use photo editing software on a computer
  2. Edit a photo on your computer.
  3. Know about great photo editing apps.
  4. Stitch your photos in a computer as above “Pic stitch for computer.”
  5. How to download the best photo editing app for your computer.
  6. How to install photo editing app on your computer.

Now, in the market we have a lot of photo editing software that provides the best editing at all but we will choose only one of them which should do what we want. “Fotor” is a great photo editing software widely used for computer and other platforms. This can easily perform photo stitching and other awesome tasks we want.

Features of Fotor picstich:

Fotor is a great feature packed software for photo editing. It has a lot of impressive features which can turn our photos into a new level. Major features are listed as below:

  1. Editing: Fotor can edit a photo. i.e. photo enhancing, photo crop, resizing the image and much more.
  2. Special Effects: Fotor is integrated with some sort of terrible effects i.e. photo effects, cool effects, color splashing and more.
  3. Collage: If you want to make your photos collection in a single photo so Fotor can do it for you.
  4. Frames: Want to frame your photo, Fotor is the best solution.
  5. Beauty: If you have some wrinkles, dark teeth, dark face so Fotor can also makeup you in a unique way you want, and make you look beautiful.
  6. Photo Stitching: Fotor can also stitch our photos in an awesome way we want. ( Pic Stitch for Windows with Fotor )


Pic Stitch for Windows with Fotor :

  1. First of all go to the website if you have Windows 8: http://www.fotor.com/windows8/index.html.
  2. Now click on “Available on Windows Store” button, via this you will be able to download it in your Windows 8 from the Microsoft Windows Store. ( Pic Stitch for Windows with Fotor )

How to Install Fotor on Your Windows PC:

  1. Go to the website: http://www.fotor.com/windows/index.html.
  2. Now click on “Download Now” button, this will download the software from CNET server.
  3. After the download complete, Open the setup file where it was downloaded before.
  4. Follow the setup instructions on your computer. To install the Fotor software. ( Pic Stitch for Windows with Fotor )

Edit Your Photos With Fotor:

Photo Stitch (pic stitch for computer):

  1. Open the App > Click on “Collage” button > Now choose your multiple photos > In the right, click “Photo Stitching”.
  2. Now you can also increase the border size, corners size and much more.
  3. You can also make a collage and choose different styles. ( Pic Stitch for Windows with Fotor )


  1. Open the app > Click on “Edit” button > Choose your photo > Open the photo.
  2. In the first right tab, you can edit the colors, darken photo, and make it portrait / landscape, night mode, and a lot more.
  3. In the second right tab, you can edit the photo in a deep way. You can apply borders, apply special effects, and add text, crop and much more.  ( Pic Stitch for Windows with Fotor )

Final Words:

After all Fotor is the excellent image editing software program for your laptop. It supports deep customization for photographs. You can edit your snap shots as a professional photographer effortlessly with this newsletter. You probably did also percent stitch for windows in this article. Using the software every day, you’ll advantage a variety of revel in in editing images at its peak like a expert. ( Pic Stitch for Windows with Fotor )

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