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You can never win the distinction Chatting Sites In HTML and Flash Cam between the Internet and the university. In fact, the Internet and technology has been developed Chatting Sites at the campus.

One of the most important technology in the university of life chat. For those who went to the university at the beginning and in the middle of the 1990s, they still feel the Internet relay chat, or IRC, which then followed the Mirabilis ICQ formed his quintet.
Looking further back, the first day Chatting Sites of the birth of the Internet ARPANET period of 1970, the original is the advanced technology found on campus.

The first learning system called Chatting Sites PLATO application logic programmed acronym for Automatic Teaching job, a device called chat. E-learning system designed to give the University of Illinois teaching photography at the University of Illinois University computer systems. Although the system is designed to be a study of education for communication systems to complete the operation, he said that this system is to create a new internet radio community.  chat rooms Chatting Sites are one of the various communications systems Plata, posters, forum, message, screen writing and special sections.
For example, HTML chat Insert
One of the articles iPhone application designed to Ray Ozzie, a former Microsoft software architect, is named after the conversation. Ozzie had graduated from the University of Illinois, and during his work on campus, worked hard and communication system. Ozzie is known as the creator of Lotus Notes messaging

systems, inspired by the University of Illinois system messages. He is also known as a legend Microsoft, which is responsible for the design and software architect Bill Gates Microsoft after the season.


Chatting Sites

In the beginning of the chat room HTML
Let us go back to the beginning of Live chat started college. Recall that during the period of the 1970s, laptop or desktop computer has not yet formed. All computer users UNIX mainframes and access to the program through the terminal access to the mainframe.
However, the University of Illinois can create a breakthrough in the study of the structure, the uniqueness of the technology is limited. Trains educational charts this season. Not to mention the games that inspired the game, such as Microsoft Flight simulator, and the very first game a multi-user system.
During the conversation, one character is played on a different character as the user entered. Really amazing, because the user can see the quality omitted or errors corrected. The method is different from the usual HTML chat room today to transmit to the user showing the emergency notification message is to be completed in Enter by clicking on the result.
Rooms living HTML University Event
Live From there, not far from the HTML in the chat room. College student, who is known for his headstrong and often romanticism chatroom to propagate their ideas. One of the most recent was in September 2014 in Hong Kong student protests.
The use of the name and the design of the HTML chat
Hong Kong student protests began, when the Chinese government introduced a reform election of the people of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is part of the People’s Republic of China, but it has the administrative law, according to the China offer from England in 1997, electoral reform is to improve the democratically.
However, students consider electoral reform platform is too conservative and rigid. Hong Kong Federation HKFS the student union or a group of students from universities in Hong Kong 7, protest platform and called for a more innovative and less restrictive rules. They began a boycott of the classes involved 24 university students in Hong Kong. Boycott later supports high school students, as well as hundreds of schools. Small events began boycotting classes and expanded to mass protests in Hong Kong in 2014.
The issue of effective media to promote the event live, and even repressive dictatorship in the country as Iran. In 2011, Iran’s crackdown on student protests against the government blocked all access to the media events, including the Internet. However, talk with social media, where journalists worldwide current situation in the country, the armed opposition continued in the 2009 presidential election .
First, at least 10 years of protests Square Tiananment in 1989, the Chinese government shut down the Internet chatroom spread across the country to discuss GOVERNMENT HTML for the chat room
Chat Room Events
In addition to international events, HTML live chat room as well as a means of communication.
During the failed coup, the chief of the KGB in 1991 he tried to overthrow the presidency of Mikhail Gorbachev was a media blackout. Nobody in the world knew what was happening in the country. Average Internet relay chat, or IRC is used as a radio and television around the world.
Before, chat room role of the media during the first Gulf War. Chat trees from both of these events can be found online library Web
We have seen how the chat room is becoming a very important role in the university movement directly Chatting Sites. Event, which began at the University can take bigger steps and to change the world ,Chatting Sites  because chat room. HTML and therefore must constantly chat room, and he will be there for us.