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This is the first conversation? Far below are a few rules to follow in order to maintain the safe chat:

1) Age requirements – Users must be over 13 Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Room is subject to the requirements. Those who violate this rule, torn, and reported to the authorities.

2) Be careful – people online may not be who they say they are, no matter how attractive it sounds. The reality is that online friends are really just foreigners.

3) You do not have to personally identifiable information (that is, where you live, school, e-mail address, photograph, phone number, etc.) – can communicate with people who do not want. Make sure your profile or chat forum does not include any personal information.

4) Never arrange to meet someone offline, it can be very dangerous. If you then add (parent or guardian if under 18); and meet in a public place.

5) to inform the moderator or if someone or something makes you uncomfortable or worried about the page.

Parents should take children’s computer use on the Internet responsibility. They are trying to find out what web services (such as chat and e-mail) that currently the child. Consider measures with the kids and make it a fun experience for them. It would be a constructive way to spend more time with their children.


During the prolonged use of a computer monitor can affect the health of your eyes. Due to the fact that their eyes are constantly adapted to the specific approach, it is important to use the full focal range of the eye, focus on a number of distant objects and close. Suggested use: the size of the larger screen contrast and brightness settings optimized for computers; Sources comfortable reading size; monitor refresh rate which is no small or keys; screen to little or no glare; lit room. Failure to do so can cause eyestrain, blurred vision, headaches, and other conditions in the short or long term.


Because of the heavy use of keyboard and mouse for a long time, and the meeting is to advise the players to ergonomic environment and a series of regular physical activity. The desk, chair, keyboard, mouse and wrist have been carefully chosen to ensure maximum comfort and protection from injury. Not the back, neck, wrist and hand pain and / or damage to the short- and long-term doing so. Exercise regularly breaks are often small, fast, and often a combination of physical activity, such as standing up, stretching, walking around the room or building, holding a mug or cup, raise the arms above the head again and took a deep breath tested.

Online Bullying

The Internet, which is a higher degree of social communication tools (email, SMS, chat rooms, instant messaging) users, there have been a number of users who use these tools to antagonize and intimidate further growth. This usually occurs in young people. Since bullies often harrass their victims away from the watchful eye of an adult or guardian, the Internet is a great place for them to other anonymously. For many young users, the house is no longer a refuge from bullying. Users should be aware that some form of online harassment is considered criminal acts. Illegal to communicate repeatedly with someone if your communication is not afraid of people communicate safety or the safety of others. If you feel that you are being bullied, indicate any incident, local police and Internet Service Provider (ISP), you can investigate the matter.

Internet Addiction

It is important that users are aware that too much time in chat rooms is not good. It is important for a healthy balance of online and offline lives. Internet addiction is usually identifies the event, including, but not limited to, the following: euphoria, while the computer problems at work or school, hungry or depressed family and friends away from a computer and set it aside. Internet addiction also cause physical problems such as eye strain, back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Take a break from time to time!

Please remember that chat room safety begins with you.
Check out this cute cartoon depicting two chatters on the Internet. Please be careful with it.

What browser should I use video chat rooms, and how can I get a flash?

The best rates and customer service chat, we suggest that you download the latest version of Internet Explorer.
AOL Users: You can access a chat room needed an external browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox, AOL, but the built-in browser.
Remove Internet Explorer: Go to the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Download the latest version of Flash: Java chat age, it is now the new chat room combination of Flash and Java. End users need Flash participate. If you do not have Flash link will appear in the table chat room, where you can download the latest version. If not, try this link:

To install Flash, please follow the instructions below:
A) install Macromedia Flash Player may require administrative access to your computer. It is advisable to close all browser windows before continuing with the installation.

B) Click the Install Now button to automatically download and install Flash player Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox. No need to install the toolbar chance to work. Just wipe that prevents the tool bar on your computer.

C) depending on the set browser security settings, you will see a Security Warning dialog box. Click Install ActiveX Control.
Active X
D) When installation is complete, you will see your logo and text in Flash Player.

2. You have to register to participate?

No, you can participate in a “guest” user. If you are a frequent guest in the chat room, you should register a username particular. This allows you to keep the same identity each time you come back, and guest users can not use a user name. Who should be the # 1 Street Board members to register. Statement # 1 Chat Forums Street record user names. UPDATE: This service is suspended.
3. How can you leave?

All users: no need to open an account. Simply enter your username and click the “Chat Now”.
About Mobile and Tablet users: Also easy as clicking Chat Now is a website chat room.
4. Im connected, how do I send a message?

Once connected to a video chat, you can record a message in the text entry box near the right side of the chat window. Then press the “Enter” key or the “Submit” button to send the message. After the user’s mailbox on the report. Press the “new line” to start a new line.

5. Can you fill in the chat room?

Definitely not! There is a safety feature that prevents flooding. Please wait a few seconds before each message. Each user can enter 200 characters attempt to overwhelm be expelled or banned.

6. How can you ignore other users or why someone does not respond when he / he talk to her?

If there is a repulsive chatter in the room, simply choose your nickname in the user list, and then click “Block” in the menu that automatically appears on the left. Every report you instant messages, public or private, it will not appear on the screen. If you change your mind, you can select a user and click the “Disable” to disable the function is ignored. If you continue to send a message to someone, but there was no answer, maybe it has not been taken into account, this means that you would be better off watching the behavior and words.

7. How personal interview and / or video chat with someone?

You’ll be able to talk to someone in person clicking on your user name and click on the “private conversation”. This opens a window where you can chat one-on-one with other users is not compromised. You can personally customize the chat window puts the mouse cursor to the lower right corner and change accordingly. Video chat privately held other users, click on the icon of the private cam chat window.

8. I get angry at me for some users private messages. How can I disable this feature?

Only blocks of the user. Please read the instructions carefully # 6th

9. He said that I was banned from the chat. How long is the ban?

For less serious offenses, a minimum ban for 2 hours. In severe cases, it is a lifetime ban.

10. How do I send the A / V?

To begin broadcasting audio and / or video, you need to first turn. To do this, click the button on the dashboard team webcam.

After AV license to begin with. You will be able to get the food, the “I”.
11. Am I able to portray nude on camera?

Definitely not! He is prohibited and must be reported to the ISP, if you are caught.

12. When using the chat-room chat software?

Now you just used the chat room 123FlashChat. You can access it from the website.

13. I’m trying to join the chat room, but it just hangs and does not fully load (ie, the site says that 80% completed loading ..)?

Try to clear your browser’s cache and refresh the page. If that fails, you can try a different browser, like Chrome or Firefox.

14. How do I turn off the chat?

Just click on the padlock icon in the upper-right corner and select “Mute”.
Sound Settings
15. I suddenly interrupted the conversation a few minutes?

We encourage our users to participate in the chat. They’re off after 15 minutes of inactivity just an idle observation. If you do not want to talk about it, which is fine, but try to take some action, such as checking your user profile, or simply the mouse pointer around.

I was 16, on the table, I have not seen a mobile version room..why talk?

It can connect your desktop resolution. If it is too low on the homepage automatically detects that a smaller device, as well as a mobile version of your website will appear on the desktop version. To solve this problem, simply turn the screen resolution of the computer.

17. I have a question that is not answered on this page. Where can this question?

E-mail support is to ask your questions. If you have enough access to the site in question.
1. Select Edit from the menu bar, then Preferences
2. Select a category: Details
3. Check the Enable Java is known as JavaScript and click OK
Note that some users have mentioned that the virus scanner, such as ZoneAlarm can prevent Java applet is loaded. Try turning off anti-virus software temporarily to see if you can connect.
In addition, users of Microsoft XP (all versions) Note: Microsoft has released a software update to Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 for Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2). The update changes the Internet Explorer handles some web pages that use ActiveX controls and Java applets. Examples of ActiveX controls between the Sun Java Virtual Machine to use the site. Make sure to allow ActiveX controls on your browser. Select Tools> Internet Options> Security> Trusted Sites> Add the “site”> Then click on “Custom level” and that ActiveX is enabled for trusted sites.

2. How to use the chat?

First, select the appropriate category you would like to participate in the chat. He entered the room, click on the Connect to enter a user name (the other information is not required), click OK, Connect!
Connecting Box

List of other users in a room is displayed in the right window.
Write your message in the text box is close, and press “Enter” or click the Send button. Your message will appear in the chat room for you and other users to see.
3. How can I send a private message?

You can send messages to other users in the chat room. This report is not visible to others. Click a username to send a personal message, and then click the icon to a private chat window. It looks as if someone whispers in someone’s ear. A new window will appear to the private chat room that allows a private and secure communications. Private Chat can also be started by double-clicking on behalf of the people.

4. How to block messages from specific users?

Click a username to block messages, and then click the User icon to ignore. It’s like a man with a big red line through it. The notice will be sent to the user do not appear on the screen.

5. What place do?

Clicking rooms showing the space to be created by the user speaks. Some can only be accessed with a password chosen artist.

Note: The new premises can be only a few moderators. (Private or public: see below) is due to the user’s abuse. If you need a moderator is required that for you.

6. How can you customize the chat window (font, color, etc)?
Click Settings and then the right top of the page to change the font type, speed, etc.

7. How do I find out more about the chat room?
Select your user name, and then double-click. Then click on the profile.

8. chat room to work with WebTV?

No, it does not work on WebTV. Please visit other content on this site, while you are here.

9. I am troubled by the chat room. What can I do?

You can ignore user, click on the icon by clicking on the name of the user to ignore. If a moderator in the room, you can kick or ban the user in the chat room. You can also contact your system administrator or webmaster to report the problem area.

10. Why do not you enter the chat again the same user name (nick), imposed after the connection to the web server / chat?

When you register your computer or other device that uses a dynamic IP address, you can not enter a second time, and it seems to have more space. Select a different name.
After 10 minutes, the old username is automatically registered and can be used freely.

11. What is the “I” icon button should I do?

Highlighting the username, you can quickly access / profile icon.

12. Why do I get an error message: “Unable to connect to / closed, ” unplugged: a closed network connection”

This error indicates that lack of access to computers. This could be due to a problem between us in the Internet service provider (ISP), the modem or router and your computer. It is also possible that the proxy server behind the firewall, or through.

13. Can I use AOL chat room?

Yes. However, it may be necessary to access Digi Who is an external browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator / Communicator, instead of the built-AOL browser. This is due to a real problem for AOL 4.0 and another reason some Java applet to redraw Chat Digi bad. This problem seems to affect Windows 95 / NT and the Macintosh and Windows 98 seems to be influenced.

14. Why do I get the message: “Sorry, not Java-enabled” when Netscape 3.0 / MS Internet Explorer 3.0 for Windows 95?

Follow the instructions below to activate your browser’s Java capabilities.

Netscape Navigator: click on Options> Settings> Language. Check the “Enable Java” checkbox.
Internet Explorer: Click View> Options> Security. Make sure the “Enable Java applications.
15. Why do I get the following error message: “Security breach java.lang.verify error except java.lang.ClassFormatError applet”.

The browser can the principle of the previous version of the applet. Clear cache actually leave the browser and try again.


Go to Settings> Network Settings> Cache.

Click the Empty, and then click OK.

Click Clear Disk Cache Now click OK.

Set to “okmányellenőrzéseit” to “Every time”, then click OK.

In Internet Explorer,

Go to View> Options> Advanced.

Click Options, and temporary Internet files.

The “newer versions of stored pages” to check “every visit to the site.”

Click an empty folder, and then click Yes, after the “time to delete the files?

Click OK to close the Preferences dialog.

The latest version of Internet Explorer (4 and above)

Select Tools> Internet Options.

Click Delete Files.

Click Delete Cookies (if any), click Clear History, and ..

Click OK to close the Preferences dialog.

16. Why sometimes take longer than others to connect to the chat room?

In most cases, the time and the slow response to deal with a slow computer on the Internet between us and your computer. The other reason is a firewall that prevents the connection to the chat room. (For example, some libaries to set up a firewall in touch with my room.

17. Why do you get the message: “Sorry, your nickname (<name>) is logged on,” but I do not see the chat room?

Username common to all chat rooms Server. Someone who uses the same name, logged-in chat server, but in the other room. Please choose another name.

18. Why am I prompted for a password when you try to log on to a user?

Some words (including spaces Administrator “) is password-protected, you try to use a name that belongs to someone else. Please choose another name.

19. How can I use emoticons in a special chat room?

Go to Chat emoticons to send a full list of emoticons Street # 1 Chat enabled chat room. Please enter a chat command, as shown at left, to create mood appears on the right.

20. How do I create a new chat room, and how much can be set?

At this time, leaving only the moderators to create separate facilities. Applications will directly affect them.

21 I still see the old chatter without the previous properties. Why can not I see the chat room Digi Who?

ISPs sometimes use a proxy server to increase the download speed. If clearing the cache does not a proxy server, the user will load the old applet. Only time will fix this problem.

Mark 22. What’s going on?

You can “flag” a message to the selected users, emphasizing the word chat, and press the “User flag” (the side of the red flag)? You can also set the color by clicking on them to “Settings” and go to “source” tab!

23. Secure chat rooms?

# 1 Chat Avenue will attempt to provide users with a safe environment for users of all ages chat. Room available volunteer moderators who may or may not be present in the chat room during use. Please keep in mind that the safety of the children responsible for the child’s parents. 18 Who oversees the parent or guardian. Please do not give out personal information to strangers, no matter how trustworthy can be displayed.

24. There is still a problem despite join the chat room followed all the correct direction?

Make sure you have the correct version of Java. It is recommended that the latest (and greatest) Sun Java can be downloaded from the website (link at the top of the page).

25 still can not connect! (This is for users who are used to getting fines apply) now gives me the message “Java applet that is not ,,” at the bottom. There is a gray box with a small login box “nickname” is not displayed. What should I do?

It may need to “improve” in Java. Once again, we see that the best way to solve this problem is to clean the cache and refresh the page. Users of Internet Explorer, go to Tools pressing Delete> Internet Options> Files> click OK> OK. Then refresh the page. If this still does not work, then try to go to the Java website and clicking on the box in the upper right corner (Get it Now) to re-install Java in your browser for free. That should do the trick! The last thing you can try to hold the “Control” key while continuing to refresh the page.
Another option that has worked the other is to empty the cache of Java (latest Java Control Panel) steps are as follows:
the. Go to the Control Panel and double-click the Java icon.

b. Click the Settings tab in the temporary Internet files, temporary files and settings dialog.

c. Click the Delete Files button to delete temporary files will be displayed.

d. Click OK to delete temporary files box, and then click OK on Temporary Files Settings window.
If none of these options, you should be there is something wrong with your browser we recommend that you download it again.

26. I get news about “ActiveX,” that I can not connect to these types of sites. What should I do?

In our research, we have safety rules, or in a browser or a virus protection program to do something. Basically, the team thought that chat rooms are not sure (that we know :)) users of Internet Explorer, go to Tools> Internet Options> Security (at the top). You can move the marker (lower left) to the level of “medium-low”. Those who contained an antivirus program, contact the software vendor or the product manual for a detailed description of how to change the security settings to allow ActiveX controls. Or, you can click on the “Trusted Sites” and add “” (without the quotes) to the Trusted Sites zone for added security.

27. Is the place safe? We have a privacy policy? My son … I participate?

This website is for the general public, but you must be 13 years or older to participate in the chat room. Chat room does not collect any personal information and does not share other information (e-mail, receive, or registration) to third parties. For more information, see our Privacy Policy. The plot is very safe if you follow the safety rules Chat

I can not connect to me. What browser should and how do I enable Java chat?

Windows 95/98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / 8 * users: The best client applet web compatibility, and speed is recommended. Windows..although Explorer 7.0 or later versions earlier than 5.5 on the job. Netscape 6.2, and is not recommended before they cause disturbances have been reported. Some problems may be, others are not. Netscape Version 8.1 is the latest and most reliable. Firefox is a solution that is safe and reliable to another. Be sure to upgrade to the latest version of the previous version of Firefox does not allow Java to run.
UPDATE – increased chatroom Chat Digi latest version. Some older browsers are not compatible with the debate. Therefore, please visit the following link to install the Sun Java in the browser.
Mac users: You must use Internet Explorer 4.5 or later for Macintosh MRJ 2.1 or later. Netscape 4.0 for Macintosh, although this browser shows the poor performance of Java. Upgrade to the latest version of Safari is always advisable to Apple users.
And IE 3.0 users, as there are many errors in the Java Virtual Machine in Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 does not support Digi Who is running Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0. The problem does not occur in Internet Explorer. All versions of Firefox will have to work with in chat rooms.
AOL Users: You can access a chat room needed an external browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator / Communicator, or the Firefox browser instead of the built-in AOL. This is due to a real problem for AOL 4.0 and another reason some Java applet to redraw Chat Digi bad. This problem seems to affect Windows 95 / NT and the Macintosh and Windows 98 seems to be influenced. Open a new browser when running AOL should solve this problem.
Remove Internet Explorer: Go to the download pages of the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer.
* Users of Windows XP: Some versions of Windows XP does not come with Java virtual machine. You will need to download the latest Sun (preferably 1.4.0 or later) or to Windows Update and download the latest critical updates.

This is the first time that …. well a few rules to follow when chatting online ?:

1. Be respectful to other users. If someone does not respect, you can safely skip over God’s quarrel with them. Avoid language attitudes or prejudice others.

2. When you enter a new room, take a few minutes to get a feel of the atmosphere in the room before you leap. If you do not like your room, go somewhere else.

3. Use proper judgment when choosing a nickname to use the chat room. Avoid obscene indicator.

4. Remember, you are not anonymous. Most chat rooms keep records of all interactions. When you log in to the chat server, which is a record in which the IP. Keep in mind that there is no private chat. Chat Server can store and organize files on your IP. You can send a file to your ISP, you can specify the exact address of the PC in which he / she is using.

5. Address the person of the nickname or handle, if you talk to. People do not make eye contact in these areas, so it can be confusing if you do not operate the message.

6. The cap only focus. Constant “screaming” can be annoying.

7. Do not use your real name, or reveal your address or other personal information in a chat room.

8 users to chat verbally insult or abuse. In fact, in many cases, when a user connects to a chat room only annoys others. While incentives can fire back, try to refrain from doing so.

9. Respect and welcome all new to talk about. Keep in mind that it used to be “beginners”.