Story siblings grew

Story siblings grew

Dear friends! My name is Henie. Story siblings grew When I was a small village with your uncle, father and siblings lived with. We were very happy there. Mama with chicken farms, streets, running away from the courtyard. The joy in life was happiness.
But friends? Sdakb time remain the same. Wikipedia Horror Is always with joy and sorrow. If I and story siblings grew up poor mistress has sold us a hand. He brought us to the chicken shop sold. Here we are already in a foul drby there were many chickens prison was closed. Not in the narrow dirty drby not get proper food drink. There was choked us. There was no space to breathe, which were less powerful booms were killed. Khdrun were hiding in the low momentum. If the customer comes to shop Shop owner no one takes hold of us. But the shopkeeper caught our eyes cry brutally puts into zbk. We all watch helplessly. But I can not see him suffer. All teammates were gradually zbk. Finally she went alone. I was scared. Why was turn now.  uncle, sister and her friends were missing. Threshing floor in the courtyard of the farm where he was sporting. I was coming, but I was helpless. A customer entered the store. He looked me in the eye was measured (Story siblings grew ) .He said the shopkeeper. Rise up shop and went to lie in a corner in fear. The shopkeeper urby hand and opened the door. I screamed, ran, but he caught me. Then he turns wings brutally put down your feet. Grabbed head with one hand and a long knife to neck began to manufacture cutting. At the same time customers come.
It was engaged in talks with the shopkeeper. I got loose its grip on the wings. And the opportunity of a shock in itself free from the grip of a hand operated kralyaaur fled screaming. The shopkeeper ran after me, but I got sight of a fly shop runs. I reached out and fled into the bushes in a park covered themselves. How much time hiding in there. I saw a cat hiding again. I rushed to catch him running for his life. Many children were playing in the park. Got their eye on me. He drove her to his house and took hold of me a child.
Dstu! The child and his family were very good. The Dana fed me for small house made of wood. They also lays one egg a day. He then collected a lot of Story siblings grew eggs and I was sitting on the eggs. Twenty-two days after the cute furry little chicks come from eggs. I was very happy to see these chicks. The boy and the (Story siblings grew ) youngest children to see family very happy.
Guys! Now children running away from home. I am happy with their romantic mischief and takes good care of them because I am the eagle, raven, cats are the enemies of young children. By this time it has been flying a kite. Mjy have to protect our children. For friends! Goodbye Story siblings grew.