Chat Room Setting up

Setting up Chat Room on your website

Chat Room setting

The online chat room is one of the most used and interesting platform used by people to have entertainment or fun. This entertainment or fun maybe in different forms. People are getting bored day by day and an online chat room is one of the solutions to make them happy or entertained. People come and join chat rooms. People around the world getting use of chat rooms and they talk or chat to other people of the world around the web easily and they can have great fun or gossip. Now if you have any website or a blog anything that have online content to show to the people who browse the web. You can also setup an online chat room to people on your website or your users.

There are different methods to setup or create chat rooms online on your website or blog. Here I will tell you about two methods.

1. Setting Up a PHP script.
2. Using already existing chat room via iFrame.


Setting Up a PHP Script:
PHP developers are doing enough work to create platforms in entertainment era. There are online marketplaces through which people can get lots of platforms or scripts. The popular one is CodeCanyon, It is an online marketplace having thousands of scripts, platforms and other online tools. You can find great chat rooms scripts over it. Download any of the scripts and place the script in your online web hosting server. You can easily setup the chat room on your website via the documentation file which is placed with the chat room script. Now this will be your own chat room, you’ll be able to manage users, use your own rules for the chat room. Even you will be the Administrator. This is really good when it comes to privacy. Managing your own chat room is better than using someone else.

Using Already Existing via iFrame:
Well, as I told you above to setup a chat room using a PHP script. In the same way, thousands of other people would have done the above method to have their own chat room. You can find ready made chat room websites on the web via Google. You can use those on your website easily and without having any coding knowledge. Now visit any of the chat room and get their chat room’s iframe code. Basically, iframe code is used for showing some content from another website into your own without any issue. In the frame, you will see the content that is why it’s named as an iframe. They provide the iframe code, grab the code and place it on your website. You’ll easily see a on your website. But keep in mind you won’t be able to moderate or manage the. You will be just a user.

Have fun and set up