How To Create An Online Chat Room Easily

Online chatrooms are being and getting popular and popular around the internet. Well, online chat rooms are the great source of enjoyment and better when you are getting bored, so there you can spend great time with people around the web. Thus, most of people boys and girl included come on the website and have great gossip to discussing and spend their time.

Sometimes you may want to create an online chat room for yourself too, you may want to have such kind of chat room for you self on your website. This would be a great experience having and online chat room on your website. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to create an online chat room easily without having enough experience. So lets start the tutorial. Please follow the below steps carefully so you can create an online chat room easily.

Before You Begin To Create An Online Chat Room :

  • You should have a domain
  • You should have a hosting from any provider, you need to host the script
  • You need to have the basic knowledge of setting up a site or script.

Downloading Required Files:


  • Download the above Php Script on your PC, this is a Live chatting script written in PHP language.
  • Now, go to your hosting file manager of your domain, upload the script on main domain file.
  • See the documentation. It will help you in setting up your chat room online.
  • Setup the database settings if needed in chat room, you can create databases in cPanel of your hosting.
  • Choose a great admin username and password for your online chat room.

This chat room have some sort of great features like, admin control, banning and other great features too that makes your chat room more advanced and awesome than ever. I hope, you may find this tutorial helpful and helped you in creating online chat room easily.