How To Make Single Name Account On Facebook Trick 2015

How To Make Single Name Account On Facebook Trick 2015

  1. Change your proxy setting . . .
  2. How to change your proxy
  3. ( I ). Download this (click here )
  4. ( II ). After Download u see it right site on your tab


use Indonesian proxy

2. Settings To Make Single Facebook Account

Open Settings on your Facebook Account

Change your language Bahasa Indonesia.


Then edit your current Facebook profile name and remove Your Last Name. After that review your name and Save it.

How To Make Single Name Account On Facebook Trick 2015
How To Make Single Name Account On Facebook Trick 2015


After that your Facebook Account is only using First Name and you see that Last Name Hide.

After Completing all steps, Remove Manual Proxy or Turn off Hola and change your language back to English (US)

Now enjoy it…

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