The Internet is a network ( group of computers that can communication with each other) connecting millions of other computer networks in the world Internet. It is made up of networks of official and educational institutions, commercial and social organizations and governments and private agencies. Historically , the US defense Department in 1969 started the use of a computer network to help its workers to exchange their ideas and messages on it. As computer users know, the linking of computers is called ‘; networking”. The american use of computer network for defense purpose developed into the internet the world over.

  The Internet , now is ” a collection of individual networks connected by telephone lines”
The internet, now, is ”a collection of individual network connected by telephone lines”.

             The user of a computer network can gain from or exchange messages with any other network anywhere at all times. The internet , in this sense, is know as ” the information Superhighway” which anyone can use through his computer users who are connected to it.

The computer users, in their ways, offer information to the entire internet world. The internet is , thus, working excellently in the cyberspace or space where electronic messages, information, pictures, etc are sent from one computer to another.

             The World Wide Web (WWW) is the most important of the internet part of the internet. it is a collection of millions of changing documents on computers all over the world. These documents may contain books. magazines, picture, films and information of all kinds. The computer is connected to the world wide web to gain the technical information one needs . A film company . office or person can have his own website for the communication of his information to others. The different  websites that run into millions offer information in the sciences, arts, religions , education, commerce, industry, agriculture, government, law and almost every topics or subjects under the sun. The use of the internet, thus, promotes the communication of all sorts of information  and knowledge in different societies and countries

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