Girl Health tips – Glowing and Fair skin Free

Glowing and Fair skin 

You can’t save your pocket But you Can Save your beauty ? Know . . .

1 -: Glowing And Fair skin

1-: To make your skin glowing and fair you have to apply lemon and honey mix with some water on your face.
This will help you can clean your skin pores from depth and all the dirt will be whipped out.
2-:  Take one spoon of honey and a banana  and mash it well then  and ten drops of lemon juice  and apply it on your face.
keep the past on your face  for about 15 mints  then wash with luke warm water.

2 -: Smooth And Dry Feet Care

1-: while choosing your feet wear keep one thing in your mind  that the footwear you are choosing is comfortable or not and always  wear a point  bigger shoe so i old fashioned now but it work just fine

2-: apply the Epsom salt daily after soaking your feet in warm will help you transfer the blood flow rapidly to  water.

3-: people always think that skin care to feet is not a important but as you use skin  care creams for your face and hands. you should do it daily for your feet as well.
4-: use a foot scrub and pumice stone that’s at night  or in the  evening when and will smooth  and tighten  muscles.
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